POLITE REMINDER: as we strive to bring you and your pet a peaceful respite, please silence your cell phones and keep voices down when entering the office.  As we do not have the facilities to keep children, we respectfully request you arrange childcare for your children.  We want everyone’s pet to get the most out of each and every session!


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Vitality Pet Care Holistic Center (VPCHC) is the first holistic veterinary center in the Metroplex.  We work in conjunction with your regular veterinarian to improve the level of health and well-being of your pet(s).  We offer only holistic services and all-natural product lines.


Our goal at VPCHC is to augment your traditional practice by offering integrative services that you may not have the time or interest to pursue.  We blend with traditional services to bring about optimal response from each patient. 

We can help in the treatment of: arthritis, IVDD, hip dysplasia, hind end weakness, behavioral issues, adrenal disease, skin disease, IBD, cancer and many more.


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Options include

  • referral to Dr. Pam for holistic veterinary services



At VPCHC we strive to educate you and offer tools for you to use at home to maintain the health of your pets.  Dr. Pam offers a comprehensive look at your pet’s lifestyle and offers nutritional options to maximize your pet’s health.  Treatment options provided by Dr. Pam and certified practitioners provides your pet with an increased vitality and level of health.  Each session not only offers great services for your pet, but also methods to perform at home to accentuate your pet’s response.


Our objective is to create a soothing atmosphere where you and your pet can settle into a comfortable, peaceful surroundings for optimal treatment results.  The décor is comprised of pieces obtained in China & Tibet as well as from local artists.  (See Featuring Artistry).  The color scheme and décor is intended to facilitate letting go of the stressors of the day and promote relaxation for everyone.

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