Who is this Dr. Pam?

I grew up the daughter of an equine veterinarian, thus my passion for animals began at a very early age. I spent many of my younger years as my father's "assistant", a glorified term for the person holding all the supplies. It didn't matter what I did as long as I could be a part of it. It was no surprise to my family when I attended Texas A&M University for my undergraduate degree and on to the Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine to for my veterinary degree. I graduated from vet school in 1994, but the true learning was only beginning. I started out in traditional practice with a special interest in internal medicine and feline medicine.

Over the years, I became frustrated with the overall picture of the health of my patients. I would treat certain processes only to have the patients return, once the medication was finished, with same issues or something more severe. I had clients telling me that the patients were "not doing right", yet the diagnostic testing revealed no answers. How could I treat a disease that wasn't there? I was deeply disturbed by the trend of illness as I continued to practice. I was seeing puppies and kittens with serious diseases with no explanation other than their breeding. Why was this happening? There had to be something I was missing.

In 1997, I started seeing a chiropractor for some musculoskeletal issues. This chiropractor changed my life. I learned that my issues were not what they appeared. He demonstrated to me how factors such as nutrition, stress, allergies, and emotions, combined with the physical strains of daily life to contribute to the symptoms I had. I learned to look at the whole picture, rather than a small piece. As he worked with my health, I continued to think "There must be a way to apply this to animals." From there, my pursuit of the whole picture of health began.
I trained at Colorado State University for veterinary acupuncture. From there I moved to Options for Animals for animal chiropractic training. I was fortunate enough to train with Dr. Richard Pitcairn, the guru of veterinary homeopathy, in the last Professional Veterinary Homeopathy Course taught solely by him. In January 2002, I left traditional practice devoted my time and energy solely to holistic healing.

As with any discipline, once a foundation is set the framework of that discipline is constructed through continued training. I completed internships with two of my instructors/mentors, Dr. Peggy Fleming of Florida and Dr. Kim Henneman of Utah who appropriately integrate all these amazing modalities. Through Dr. Fleming I met Dr. Are Thoresen of Norway who helped guide me in Pulse Diagnosis. I spent more time with Dr. Pitcairn in his Advanced Professional Course in homeopathy in 2004. Along the way I trained and received a Reiki Master certification, had training in Sound Energy Dynamics and continued my pursuit of the truth about nutrition for animals.

It was my passion for Chinese Medicine that compelled me to go to China in May 2006 for an International Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) conference. It was in China that I first met Dr. Huisheng Xie of the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine. It was an honor to finally train with him. His enthusiasm and love for Chinese Medicine is infectious! I am thrilled to have trained with Dr. Xie in Chinese Herbology and Food Therapy 2006 and 2007.

I am married to a wonderful husband who shares my love for animals and my interest in holistic philosophy. We have a beautiful, precocious young son, who reminds us daily of the importance of family and the meaning of “presence”. Our family is conscious of nutrition, supplementation, and physical fitness. We have a team of phenomenal holistic doctors and strive to live the holistic life that I recommend for my patients.

Dr. Pam's Training at a Glance

  • Undergraduate: Texas A&M University (1991)
  • Veterinary degree: TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine (1994)
  • Reiki Master Certification (1998)
  • Veterinary acupuncture training: Colorado State Univeristy (2000)
  • Sound Energy Dynamics Training (2000)
  • 40 hour internship with Dr. Peggy Fleming of Florida (2001)
  • Animal chiropractic training: Options For Animals (2001)
  • Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. Are Thoreson of Norway (2001)
  • Chinese Medicine & Five Element Theory with Dr. Peggy Fleming (2001)
  • Professional Veterinary Homeopathy Course with Richard Pitcairn, DVM (2002)
  • 40 hour internship with Dr. Kimberly Henneman of Park City, Utah (2003)
  • Advanced Professional Veterinary Homeopathy Course with Richard Pitcairn, DVM (2004)
  • TTouch Training with Cathy Cascade (2004)
  • Advanced TCVM Meeting in China with Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine (2006)
  • Chinese Herbology with Chi Institute (2006-2007)
  • TCVM Diagnostics, Classical Points and Advanced Acupuncture Techniques with Chi Institute (Jan 2007)
  • TCVM Food Therapy with Chi Institute (July 2007)
  • Certified Clinician of Whole Food Nutrition (CCWFN) 2014 - ongoing